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Design Thinking Essentials

Now enroll in our program at just ₹99 per day

About the Bootcamp

Learn to spot opportunities at dream companies, networking strategies and write a stellar CV to get that placement in just 3 days!

Attend India's first innovative PLACEMENT BOOTCAMP to help you present your best self, and land your dream job.

Starts at

Saturday, 31st October 18:30 IST

Ends at

Tuesday, 3rd November 19:30 IST

⚠️ Attention job-seekers ⚠️ 

• Are you in on the latest science-backed methods to reach recruiters?

• Do you know what recruiters are looking for?

• Is there a way to look into the mind of your dream company and their HR to understand EXACTLY what they are looking for, and craft your CV to match?

• Did you apply online and never hear back? Do you know that companies fill twelve positions with internal referrals for every one position filled by an online applicant? Your chances were ONLY 1 in 13 from the start!

That’s where we come in. I'm Abhimanyu Bhardwaj, co-founder of Launchspace, Mentor of Change with the Government of India and creator of this Bootcamp

Why should you listen to us?

I'd unknowingly used this approach to land a placement as a consultant with EY in Italy - I was the FIRST and ONLY Indian to ever do so. I got together with my team, and we figured out the science behind this approach. 

At Launchspace, we've proudly helped make CVs for Ivy League Business Schools, McKinsey and Co, and many more such TOP INSTITUTIONS. Launchspace has trained over 1200 people in Design Thinking and Innovation till date.

What will you learn?

Over 3 days and through a mix of lessons, interactive challenges, live classes and hands-on assignments, we will show you how to- 

✅ Identify your strengths and map where they would command the most value

✅ Unlock the needs and motivations of recruiters at your target company to figure out the role that NEEDS you (not the other way around) 

✅ Craft a personal brand story at the intersection of your strengths and the company’s needs

✅ Learn unconventional ways to write your CV and stand out in a crowd

✅ Leverage Linkedin to network with recruiters until you land the interview you want

✅ Formulate your own fully fledged ready-to-go placement strategy.

So here’s what you're going to get:

➡️ Training,

➡️ Live classes,

➡️ CV templates,

➡️ Worksheets, 

➡️ Interactive challenges, and

➡️ Access to exclusive bonus tools. 

For just ₹396, we’re giving you content and access that’s worth over ₹45,000!

Placement Bootcamps cost ₹1000s per day. Then why is this priced so low? 

We know times are tough and the job market is down, so we want to help more people land jobs even amidst this crisis.

Fun Fact: At ₹99 per day, that's 1/2 the price of a McDonald's meal, 1/3rd that of a Starbucks coffee, a Data Pack, and a miniscule percentage of the salary or stipend you can get… we know you can do the math.

What's the guarantee this works?

After completing our Bootcamp, if you don't feel more confident about your abilities to reach out to recruiters, we'll refund you your money, no questions asked.

What do people have to say about this?

"It has been great... learnt a lot of things that was being done wrong. It was not that we were learning from a teacher/coach or trainer. It was like we were looking into ourselves and finding who we are and what works for us"

- Haris Akram, Sales Professional w/10 years of exp.


"This bootcamp was a much needed reality check that I got and to describe it in one word would be AWESOME !!!

I love the content on the app as it was engaging short and comprehensive at the same time. The live sessions have been totally mind-blowing. This was a much better investment than any courses I purchased online because I actually saw the change in myself."

- Arjun Sood, Marketing Enthusiast


"Today is my sister's engagement. Somehow I managed to find a space to attend the Bootcamp."

- Anonymous Attendee, PGDM student

So don't wait, click the register button and book your seat on our Bootcamp now!

p.s.: We want to invite only people who take their career growth seriously. Feel free to ignore this ad if "hope" is your strategy for landing a placement.

Launchspace Innovations Private Limited reserves the right to reschedule, cancel or otherwise alter the event. It will inform the participants of such changes appropriately and adjust the payment amount accordingly.